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Success Story: Is Gibbon better for your English than Google?

Using Google Chrome as your browser allows you to perform a double translation, to switch effortlessly... continued...

Is it important to study the differences between American and British English?

Students of English are sometimes bothered by what they think of as differences between the US and the UK branches of the language. They shouldn't be. We all speak American now. continued...

Can I learn English by watching television?

The short and simple answer is, “No.” If you are tired and cannot sleep, then watch television.  continued...

Is it easy to learn a foreign language? Well, it really depends on who you are.

If you are one of the lucky ones, one of the very few who have a natural ear for languages and can pick them up in minutes just by listening, then English or any other language will be very easy for you indeed.... I continued...

Success story: how do you compare with Joseph Korzeniowski?

Joseph Korzeniowski was born in the Ukraine. His parents were Polish. He left school at 17, went to France and lived there for four years. Then, at the age of 21, he went to England. Unable to speak a word of English... continued...


Practice Exercises for Cambridge First Certificate (FCE)
Paper One Reading
Paper Three Use of English

Practice Exercises for Cambridge Advanced Certificate (CAE)
Paper One Reading
Paper Three Use of English

Self-Study Exercises for EFL Basic Grammar and Usage
Elementary Grammar and Usage Review Exercises with Answers
Elementary Verb Forms: Present, Past, Perfect, Conditional, Gerund, Infinitive
Use of Prepositions: Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced

Practice Exercises for Intermediate and Advanced Vocabulary
Intermediate Vocabulary and Idioms
Verbal Phrases - Phrasal Verbs
Advanced Vocabulary: Multiple Choice

Practice Tests: Self-Assessment, Reading and Test Practice

Business English: Advanced
Audio Memory Exercise and Usage Test

Listen and test yourself. Go to Public Speaking 05

Audio Comprehension Practice Test and vocabulary builder for lower intermediate (FCE) level.

How good are you at listening to English? Do you understand, and do you retain what you have heard?

Here is a passage at intermediate level. Listen to it twice, and then answer the questions. If you find it difficult, listen several times before going to the questions. You can also make notes as you listen. Or you can click to pause the recording.

When you check the answers, read through the vocabulary comment, especially if you had any difficulty understanding.

Note. Your English comprehension is at a reasonable intermediate level if you can listen to the passage twice and then answer six of the nine questions correctly. This is what (the minimum standard) you should aim for.

Listen now to

20 July             Love Story

29 May            Family Drama

22 April          Bad Behaviour

22 March       Not a Frogman

Letters from Hammersmith Bridge, Real England

The Boom in Borrowing

I don’t know if it’s the same where you are but in the UK the high streets have been taken over by moneylenders, here called pawnbrokers. The Guardian newspaper reports that in one street alone there are eleven of them offering to buy gold and lend money. The shops that closed down during the hard times three or four years ago have since reopened, occupied by money-lenders. It's a booming business. Continued

Letter archive

Quick Listening Practice
Travel by Train 03

Repeat aloud or write, concentrating on your pronunciation or memory.
Check your answers from the transcript. Repeat until easy.

quick questions

01. Q

02. Q

03. Q

04. Q

05. Q

rapid responses

01. A

02. A

03. A

04. A

05. A


How wide is your vocabulary? Do you have a good understanding of the differences in nuance between one synonym and another? Are you ready to succeed in the Cambridge Proficiency examination?

Synonyms for youth/young

Synonyms for "speed"

Adjectives expressing "violence"

Synonyms for "money"